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Coaching and Training at Balans Praktijk

Sometimes it seems like life isn’t going in the direction you’d desire. You encounter difficulties or obstacles and you don’t see any way to solve these.
You have a busy life and there is always something to do. However, the things you value most or those things you’d really want to do, you never get round to doing these. And thus you end up feeling like you are not really living your life.

Coaching: Working together to find your balance

Would you like to take control over your life? Live a meaningful life? A life in  which your dreams and goals get the attention they deserve? Would you like to have a sense of balance in your life?

This is where I can help you. Together we can search for the answers you seek. I can help you reconnect with the things you desire to do and help you find the strength you need to reach for your goals.

Let me help you so you can retake control in your life. To pick up the steering wheel en set course in the direction you desire.

Training: Find your balance with trainings based on Mindfulness and NLP

Mindfulness helps you to reconnect with yourself. It helps you deal with stress better and to find the space and calm within yourself.

With NLP you get in contact with what is most important to you in life. NLP helps you to find the strength to live the life you value most.

Together NLP and Mindfulness are very powerful in helping you regain your balance.

I often organize (group)trainings based on Mindfulness and NLP in my clinic.

Is a group training not really your thing and would you prefer to follow a course 1 on 1? That’s no problem. Feel free to contact me to discuss your wishes and what would suit you best.

To be of service to you I need to record some of your personal data, of course Balans Praktijk takes privacy very seriously and we take care to keep your personal data safe. You can read how we do this in our privacy statement.

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